The Peer Tutor Program

Peer Tutoring at Williams

Most Peer Tutoring for the Spring 2018 semester closes on Friday May 12.  We do have drop-in tutoring available for Chem156, Chem256, Econ110 and Econ 110Click on the embedded links to see the schedule or consult TutorTrac as you normally would during the semester.  Should you desire tutoring in another course, please email [email protected]

In fall 2016, Peer Tutors provided over 1700 sessions in 53 courses to other students.  Any Williams student who desires assistance can use the free one-on-one or drop-in tutoring in a course for which a tutor is available.  Peer Tutoring is designed to help students clarify course material or to review background material.  It does not substitute for class attendance or well-organized study.

Welcome to the Williams College Peer Tutoring Scheduling System

Using TutorTrac to Schedule an Appointment or to Check the Times of Drop-In Tutoring

Log-in to TutorTrac to: 

  • Search for available tutoring by course, tutor, date, or time
  • Make an appointment to meet with a tutor on a 1:1 basis
  • Cancel 1:1 tutoring appointments
  • Receive electronic reminders of scheduled tutoring appointments
  • Review your appointment history and future

We will update TutorTrac with availabilities further into the future each Wednesday by noon.

Please note: As of January 31, 2017, we are no longer using the PeopleSoft system to schedule tutoring appointments.  

How to Schedule an Appointment

You must be on the Williams College network in order to access TutorTrac.

Check back here soon for instructions for searching for availabilities or scheduling an appointment.

Please do not limit the range of hours in your appointment search. The tutor(s) for your course may not have posted availability during hours that work with your schedule.  If so, please email [email protected].

No Tutor listed for your Course(s)?

email [email protected] for assistance.