Hosting Remote Office Hours

  • If you want to meet one-on-one, have students can schedule appointments with you using your g cal appointment page or the using the Glow schedule functions
  • For working with students in groups, students can join an active meeting in Google Meet.  Group sessions can ease some pressure, establish rapport between students (increasing the class time collaboration), and streamline providing feedback. Topic-based office hours model productive individual sessions. 
  • Ask students to turn on captioning using that button (middle-right, at the bottom).  Although captioning is not perfect, it will allow you everyone to see what everyone else is saying in the event that the voice gets garbled.
  • Ask students to use the chat function to ask questions that come up while someone is giving an explanation to help the conversation flow more freely.  You should monitor the chat function, reading each question aloud as you answer it.
  • Encourage  students to share their screen with you so that you can give more targeted feedback.. Screen sharing is possible not just for the instructor in Meet, but for students too. Help your students navigate towards a screen sharing option so that they can show you their written work on their screen.


Updated March 10