Communicate with your students early and often

  • Create an email template for communicating with students in the event of an emergency
  • Outline your plan for moving the course online
    • If you will be using any kind of online conferencing, include best practices for online conferencing in your email.
  • Explain any changes that you needed to make and why you made them
  • Clearly identify the hardware and software they will need to participate in the course
  • Post announcements on Glow on a regular schedule, so students can come to expect when they will hear from you. At a minimum, post an announcement at the beginning of the week, giving an overview of the week’s activities. 
  • Create a “Questions” discussion forum in Glow where students can post questions about content and assignments. Encourage them to use this rather than sending you individual emails. You can subscribe to the  forum so the messages are also sent to your email. That way, you can respond in a timely manner without needing to check the discussion forum repeatedly.
  • Provide available support by referring students to the CET Help Desk and OIT Help Guides.


Updated March 10