Reduced Course Load Request

In the event that a student believes that he/she is unable to pursue a full course of study, the student may petition the Disabilities and Accommodations Advisory Group (DAAG) for permission to pursue a reduced course load. Such a petition must be accompanied by a professional evaulation which addresses the student’s inability to maintain a full course of study and discusses the rationale for a reduced course load. Upon consideration of a student’s petition and supporting documentation, the Disabilities and Accommodations Advisory Group makes a recommendation to the Committee on Academic Standing which renders a decision. Such cases are considered on an individual basis and may be initiated at any time during a student’s tenure at Williams.

Students who assume a proactive stance with regard to securing documentation and requesting services will reap the greatest benefit from services provided. It is essential that the student assume the initiative, remain actively involved, comply with deadlines and agreements and follow through with the accommodation process. The College, in turn, will maintain its supportive status by executing its responsibilities in a timely fashion, in keeping with the reciprocal nature of this relationship.

Questions? Contact...

G. L. Wallace
Director of Accessible Education (Title 504 Officer)
Paresky Room 203 E
(413) 597-4672

Jean Grant
Assistant to the Director
Paresky Room 203
(413) 597-4672