Accessible Education

The Williams community includes students with documented disabilities who may require accommodations. Although Williams operates no specially structured academic programs for individuals with disabilities, the College is committed to providing support services and accommodations to any students who need them.

Williams endeavors to provide equal access to campus programs and activities for all members of the college community. The Director of Accessible Education, G. L. Wallace, Ph.D., coordinates the efforts to provide accommodations. The Disabilities and Accommodations Advisory Group (DAAG), which includes faculty and administrative staff, provides policy guidance to the director.

Prospective students are encouraged to consult with the Director of Accessible Education regarding potential accommodations at Williams to support a documented disability. Students are also welcome to discuss concerns about support for disabilities with members of the admission staff, housing office, health/psychological services and the dean’s office. These conversations are shared with College personnel on a need-to-know basis only.

During the admission process, each applicant is evaluated on the basis of academic achievement and the potential to satisfy rigorous academic standards. Candidates are not admitted to a modified program of study.

Once enrolled at Williams, students with disabilities that affect their participation in college life should contact the Director of Accessible Education. Students are required to provide a recent professional evaluation that identifies the disability, describes the challenges faced due to this condition, and if possible, recommends modifications to be provided. This information is kept confidential to the extent required by law. Each term, the Director works with the identified student and his or her professors to develop a plan of study which maintains the academic integrity of the individual courses, and the academic program as a whole, while attempting to meet assessed needs. College and departmental requirements are implemented for sound pedagogic and academic reasons. Therefore, we do not waive academic requirements for students with disabilities. Rather, our policy is to assist students in their efforts to meet those requirements through reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Questions? Contact...

G. L. Wallace
Director of Accessible Education (Title 504 Officer)
Paresky Room 203 E
(413) 597-4672

Jean Grant
Assistant to the Director
Paresky Room 203
(413) 597-4672