The Peer Tutor Program


The Peer Tutor Program is an important part of academic resources at Williams College. A qualified undergraduate tutor may be available to any student who desires assistance to meet the demands of courses in which s/he is currently enrolled. This one-on-one tutoring is free.

To find out more about the Peer Tutor program, contact Jean Grant, Assistant to the Director of the Academic Resources, or any of our Peer Tutor Coordinators:

Peer tutoring is designed to review/clarify material, fill gaps in preparation and background in a particular area. It does not serve as a substitute for class attendance or well-organized study!

How to Arrange for a Tutor

Follow the instructions here (or download the pdf version)

Log into your Peoplesoft account and navigate to the Self Service section.

On the Self Service page click the Request a Tutor link

Using the Subject Area Filter, type in the department you are interested in getting a tutor in i.e. ECON, MATH, etc. (or use the looking glass to find the department). The list of tutors for courses in that department will come up (be sure to select the “View All” button to see all tutors available for all courses).

Click the radio button to the left of course/tutor you wish to request, then click the yellow Request Selected Tutor button.

Three emails will be sent when the Request Selected Tutor button is clicked:

  • to the student requesting the tutoring session, containing contact information for the tutor
  • to the tutor, telling them of the request, and containing the requestors contact information to the Academic Resources Center coordinator noting the tutoring request

It is up to the requestor and tutor to make contact and set a time for tutoring. Once this is done the tutor should update the tutoring session management page.

Tutors are expected to contact their tutees with in 24-48 hours. If you do not hear from the tutor you selected after 48 hours, please contact Jean Grant (