Math & Science Resource Center

If you have questions about material you are working on, there are student tutors at the Resource Center for each course listed below. (Check out their schedules.) Or, you might find your questions answered by another student who has also come to work at the Resource Center. We’re less concerned with who answers your questions than with being sure you get your questions answered.

Bring your questions, your books, and if you bring a mug, you’ll find we have something warm to drink and a cookie to go with it. (You must supply your own mug!)

Come to the Resource Center as often as you like — it’s free!


Thompson Physical Labs, rooms 113, 114 & 205


Sunday through Thursday
8:00 p.m. until midnight*
during the regular academic year
* We close at midnight sharp – no exceptions!


We will be CLOSED during the following days:

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of a reading period. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday during the week of Thanksgiving Break

Finals Week

Sunday of the week before Spring Break

Courses with Tutors

  • Math 130, 140, 150 & 151
  • Biology 101, 102 & 202
  • Chemistry 151, 153, 155, 156, 251, 256
  • Physics 131 & 132
  • Physics 141 & 142
  • Stats 101

Questions and Concerns?

Email any of the student coordinators below:

Luxi Qiao ’16 (

Dylan Freas ’16 (

Julia Cheng ’17 (

Cecilia Hurtado ’17 (